YuCALM Dog’s natural, scientifically proven ingredients help your dog cope with stress.  It’s ideal for pets who are fearful of fireworks, other dogs, strangers, and other triggers.

A complete formula to support a calm and happy dog- that's suitable to use short and long term made with safe and all-natural ingredients.

Results within a week - 3 to 6 weeks to see full benefits.

Helps reduce stress
Lemon Balm works on GABA levels to make your dog feel more relaxed, soothing stress and encouraging calm behaviour.

Supports calm behaviour
L-Theanine offers natural calming properties that support the production of calming compounds such as serotonin. It also supports the production of dopamine to maintain levels of hormones responsible for happiness. B vitamins support healthy nerves and brain function, reducing excitability and improving concentration.

Eases anxiety
This special blend of natural fish protein hydrolysate supports your dog’s brain, helping calming signals find the right spot. It also supports GABA and dopamine levels for a ‘feel good’ effect.

Key ingredients: Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, Fish protein hydrolysate, B vitamins

YuCALM Dog is a tasty tablet – feed it as a treat, or add to their food at mealtimes. If your dog is taking more than 1 YuCALM Dog tablet a day we would recommend spreading the daily recommendation throughout the day.

Very small dogs (up to 7kg): 1/2 tablet
Small dogs (8 - 15kg): 1 tablet
Medium dogs (16 - 30kg): 2 tablets
Large dogs (31 - 45kg): 3 tablets
Very large dogs (over 45kg): 4 tablets


Lintbells YuCALM Dog - 120 Tablets

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