A complete nutrition dog food with high meat content, a carefully designed blend of quality ingredients and no junk, all pressed together!
It’s the best way of producing a dog food that preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.
Standard extruded kibble dog food is pressure steam cooked at very high temperatures (140 degrees Celsius!) and then baked to remove moisture, losing many of the nutrients, to the extent that flavourings and additives have to be sprayed onto the food post-production.
Cold Pressed dog food is made by taking great ingredients, mixing them, and pressing under low temperatures (40-44 degrees Celsius) to get a naturally softer, more dense, complete nutrition dog food.
Suitable for all life stages, even pups, as long as they have been weaned and your vet is happy for them to eat solid food.
Key Benefits:
• Hypoallergenic
• Grain & Gluten Free
• Added Vegetables & Botanicals
• For All Life Stages
• Closest Dry Alternative to Raw Food
• Easily Digestible – Gentle on Tummies
Cold Pressed Duck
A complete nutrition cold pressed dog food, high in meat content with ‘superfood’ vegetables & botanicals.
Composition: Dried Duck 42% • Sweet Potato • Beet Pulp • Peas • Chicken Oil • FOS Inulin • Yeast Bio-Mos • Psyllium Husk Powder • Apple • Carrot • Tomato • Seaweed • Cranberry • Flavour Bioflavex • Glucosamine • Fenugreek • Green Tea Extract • Fennel Seed • Blueberry • Yucca Schidigera • Chondroitin • Marigold Powder • Devils Claw Root.


Walker and Drake Cold Pressed Dry Dog Food - Duck 2kg

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