V-dog Dry Dog Food - 15kg Bag


Approved by the UK Vegetarian Society V-dog range is a complete food suitable for all dogs. It is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive digestions, skin problems or allergies to meat.

Not Tested on Animals.

Approved under the BUAV 'No Animal testing' pet food standard.

V-dog Traditional Flakes


V-dog Flakes are a complete, nutritionally balanced food providing all the natural goodness your pet needs in an appetising and easily digestible form.   They contain a selection of natural, wholesome and healthy ingredients providing your pet with the right balance of nutrients that combined with regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


The carefully selected ingredients used in V-dog Flakes provide a healthy alternative to meat based pet foods. Suitable for all adult dogs and highly recommended for those with sensitive digestions, skin problems or suspected allergies to meat.


Contains no added artificial colours and preservatives as well as essential ingredients to assist digestion for optimum nutrient absorption.


Wheat, Barley, Maize, Textured vegetable (soya) protein, High protein soya, Soya oil, Vitamins and Minerals.

V-Dog Traditional Flakes Dry Dog Food 15kg