Catit Senses Range of Interactive Cat Toys


Cats are unique; they see and hear sights and sounds that are beyond our understanding, and with their sense of taste, touch and smell they experience the world in ways we can only imagine.


The line of Catit Senses products was developed with your cat in mind, designed to appeal to all of your cat's senses. Each product can be purchased individually.



Catit Senses Food Maze


The food maze is the clever way to feed your feline friend, allowing you to challenge his abilities and at the same time can be set to various levels of difficulty.


Your cat must move food or treats though the maze using his paws through the side openings until the food is dispensed into the food tray.


The food maze appeals to not only your cat's taste buds, bur his sense of touch too, and keeps him physically and mentally stimulated whilst he works for food.


  • Stimulates a cat's playful nature
  • Offers various levels of difficulty
  • Helps cat eat in moderation promoting healthy digestion
  • Beats boredom


The food maze is also the ideal tool to help tackle cat obesity, as you can monitor how much food goes into the maze, helping to prevent over eating to manage your feline's waistline.


Catit Senses Interactive Food Maze

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