A more comfortable and less embarrassing alternative to the traditional dog cone, the Buster Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar helps to prevent your dog from licking, chewing or biting its stitches, rashes or raw areas.

Traditional collars that limit your pet’s eye sight can be dangerous and disorientating for your dog as they cannot see what is going on around them resulting in them knocking over or running into things, as well as increasing stress. This collar does away with those risks by allowing your pet perfect visibility at all times.

This collar is also very comfortable for your pet and will cause far less irritation than traditional pet cones.


  • Very comfortable
  • Helps your pet recover faster
  • Ideal for dogs that are recovering from surgery, injury or suffering from rashes or skin irritations
  • Prevent your pet from reaching the injured spot without limiting its field of view

PLEASE NOTE: Due to hygiene reasons, we will not accept returns on collars that have been used or inflated.

Buster Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar

  • The most important measurements are the Inner Diameter and Neck Size (circumference) which should closely resemble the size of your dogs' neck.


    The collars can be adjusted to a larger size via the use of a velcro strap adjuster.


    Outer Diameter 22cm / Inner Diameter 7cm / Neck Size 22cm approx


    Outer Diameter 25.5cm / Inner Diameter 11cm / Neck Size 35cm approx


    Outer Diameter 30.5cm / Inner Diameter 16cm / Neck Size 50cm approx


    Outer Diameter 36cm / Inner Diameter 18cm / Neck Size 57cm approx


    Outer Diameter 44cm / Inner Diameter 22cm / Neck Size 69cm approx