The Boomer Ball is the perfect durable, hard wearing toy.  It is virtually indestructible* and is ideal for those ball-obsessed, toy destroyers; the larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer.


It is not designed to be picked up and should be a size bigger than the dog can carry, therefore the size selected should be larger than your dogs maximum jaw gape.


It can also be used as a therapeutic toy to enrich the environment of any other bored, inquisitive animal.


  • Virtually indestructible*
  • For macho dogs that love to conquer
  • Ideal therapy for bored animals
  • Impact resistant


Available in four sizes: 4", 6", 8" & 10".


Approximate Size Guide:


4" Jack Russell/Westie/Yorkshire Terrier
6" Border Collie/Bulldog/Springer
8" Boxer/Pointer/Bull Terriers/Dobermann
10" Bull Mastiff/Great Dane/Rottweiler/GSD


* This is the manufacturers claim.  Please contact them if your product is destroyed!


Boomer Ball Dog Toy

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