These water activated Cooling Coats are ideal for those hot summer days when you need to keep your favourite pet cool.


Lasts up to four hours and can easily be reactivated.   The coats are available in six sizes.


Activate quickly by soaking in water - wring off excess.
Highly absorbent.
Fits like a normal coat!
Waterproof backing on the Mats to retain moisture.
Antibacterial and Anti Microbial.
For indoor and outdoor use.
Washable in a wool wash.

Packaged in an outer display bag along with an inner sealed bag to help retain the moisture.


Sizing Your Coat:

With your dog standing upright and straight, take a measurement along the back from the collar to the base of the tail.



X Small - 8" (approx 20cm)
Small - 12" (approx 30cm)
Medium - 16" (approx 40cm)
Large - 20" (approx 50cm)
X Large - 24" (approx 60cm)
XX Large - 28" (approx 70cm)


Animate Cooling Coats for Dogs - 6 Sizes - With Sealed Bag to Retain Moisture