AATU For Cats


Modern cats are not that far removed from their ancestors and they still require a high meat diet and are referred to as obligate carnivores. The term obligate carnivore means “by necessity”. 


It is very simple to understand, cats must eat meat to survive it is a biological necessity!  They also have specific requirements for certain amino acids such as Taurine, Arginine and Tryptophan, high levels of these are naturally found in meat.


This is the prime reason for formulating AATU for Cats, a bespoke and unique 85/15 diet containing 85% meat for your obligate carnivore.


Proudly made in Britain using British meats which are fully traceable back to origin.



85/15 Free Run Chicken


85% Chicken: (44% Freshly Chicken, 41% Dehydrated Chicken), Sweet Potato, Chickpeas, Salmon Oil, Peas, Lucerne, Tapioca, Apple, Cranberry, Pear, Blueberry, Mulberry, Orange, Bilberry, Cowberry, Carrot, Tomato, Chicory, Peppermint, Parsley, Cinnamon, Marigold, Stinging Nettle, Camomile, Rosehip, Yucca, Spirulina, Seaweed, Aniseed, Fenugreek, Oregano, Sage, Marjoram, Thyme.


Naturally made without artificial colours, artificial preservatives, flavours, and without GM ingredients.


AATU 85/15 Free Run Chicken Dry Cat Food 3kg

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